Low Self-Esteem

Counselling can help you change your patterns of low self-esteem.
Often low-self esteem springs from early relationships with our parents or siblings.

We might have been sent the message that we weren’t good enough, or not important.

We might have been neglected, or abused and internalised the message that it was our fault.
Lots of people develop low-self esteem after being bullied at school, or maybe their first romance, or work relationships were hurtful, controlling or destructive in some way.

Sometimes a number of bad experiences can have a cumulative effect on how we think of ourselves; sometimes something that happened in the past can trigger low self-esteem in the present.
During counselling, negative patterns might emerge, which could highlight your self-concept.

You may find it useful to talk about, and work through past experiences – even if they are painful. You may lay some old ghosts to rest, and forgive yourself and others, and move on.

The past cannot be changed, but how you think about it, and how you approach the future can be.