Some clients use coaching as a stand alone support, and others use it towards the end of their therapy. Clients have said that coaching has helped them to set goals, take responsibility for their actions and move forward in a more focused way.

With my training in counselling and coaching, I can help you acknowledge where you are today more clearly, and then support you in finding ways, tools, and strategies to help you move forward and nearer your goals.

My role is not to tell you what to do, but rather to act as a sounding board to help you discover what it is you would like in your life, career, and your personal wellbeing.

Coaching can help you release your ‘stuckness’ and induce change.  We would work in the here and now, in a collaborative relationship. Working in a goal orientated way will help you unlock your true potential. This can be productive in any area of your life, bringing about motivation and empowerment.  

An example of some areas that might be covered with coaching:

  • Personal and professional problems
  • Personal development
  • Planning for retirement
  • Work problems including bullying and harassment
  • See yourself more clearly
  • See others more clearly
  • Learn new ways to respond
  • Build more productive relationships
  • Achieve what you want

If you’re unsure if Coaching or Counselling is right for you, you are welcome to contact me to discuss it in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you.