Today I will live in the moment…

Many people think of the future, and anticipate problems that they might not be able to overcome. They lose sleep, and feel on edge. One way to get out of the worry habit is to heighten your awareness of the present. Things are happening all around you every minute of the day. Why not focus on what is going on now, enjoying the simple fact of being alive and immediate, rather than casting your thoughts forward or backward to events you cannot change? The principle is simple, but the art is more complex. It takes practice, discipline, and above all,... Read More »

Never take someones feelings for granted

Not everyone finds expressing their feelings easy. Everyone at one time or another in their life may find it difficult to say how they feel. It has been found that when we withhold our feelings, it can lead to tension in our muscle groups, neck, back, shoulder, and jaws. So it’s important to identify your feelings so that you are not holding these feelings by tightening your muscle groups. Learning why you have trouble expressing your feelings can go a long way into changing that behaviour. Some reasons why people may find it difficult to express their feelings: * They believe if they... Read More »