How can we get through a rough patch?

Rough or dark patches are part of life, unfortunately. While we can’t choose or control how or when these times will hit, we can control how we cope with them.
So how can we get through a rough patch?

We can take it one day at a time. Don’t look too far ahead and remember that rough patches end.
Also we can practice kindness. If were not kind to ourself, everything is harder.

How can we be kind to ourself?
It could mean going for a walk, eating right, getting enough sleep, to going to a movie or simply being kind in thought, and not beating ourself up.

We can recognise our own mistakes or weaknesses without turning it into a catastrophe . Being kind to ourself and believing in our abilities makes it a lot easier to weather difficult patches.

Remember to take one minute at a time if that’s all you can manage