Smiling can improve your mood!

Random Fact: If you smile, even if you’re in a bad mood, it will immediately improve your mood, because the simple action of thinking about smiling and using the muscles is enough to trigger happy chemicals in the brain.

Surely, faking a smile cannot really make a difference?
Research suggests that smiling during brief periods of stress may help reduce the body’s stress response, regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not.

And that’s not all…Smiling can make us attractive to others, change our mood, be contagious, relieve stress, boosts our immune system, lower our blood pressure, and releases endorphins!

Smiles that engage the muscles in the mouth, cheeks, and eyes are considered to be genuine smiles.

Therefore…When you smile at someone else and they smile back, you are helping to create physiological changes in their bodies that may benefit them, as well as yourself!

So if you are feeling good, let others know it!
It will look good on you, and help others around you!